The digital communication platform www.govorimoorakupluca.com was launched as a central information point for lung cancer patients, their family members and the interested public.

When facing the diagnosis, patients have a large number of questions, doubts and confusions. They need quick, accurate and verified informations and answers to their questions. They need the opportunity to quickly and efficiently get answers to all questions as well as to receive expert advice, all in one place.

Patients, on the way from diagnosis to treatment, are accompanied by feelings of fear and uncertainty. Informations provided by the platform www.govorimoorakupluca.com  should make this process easier. The platform is designed to provide an integrated approach in informing patients – about diagnosis, treatment, expected side effects, lifestyle with lung cancer, from diet to physical and work activities…

The platform was launched by the Jedra Association (Association of Lung Cancer Patients), which was founded on October 31, 2007, with the support of the Croatian League Against Cancer as an core organisations. This implies acting independently according to one’s own program, but within the framework and with the consent of the league. Since 2009, they have become an independent organization. The initiative for the establishment was initiated by the patients themselves, members of their families and medical staff who encounter this disease on a daily basis.

President of the Association, Sandra Karabatić, MScN, BSN, RN, PhD student emphasizes the importance of the association whose primary goal is to inform and support patients with lung diseases. The number of patients is high, the disease occurs in younger and younger age groups, has a high mortality rate, and treatment is laborious and often uncertain. All mentioned were additional reasons for launching this new communication platform.